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Uncle Tupelo's Rock Heads for the Hills

Tristram Lozaw

Boston Herald, December 3, 1993

With their punky, underground roots, you might expect that Uncle Tupelo would be happily grunging along with the rest of the rock world. But they want no part of the homogenous blur of distortion that currently overwhelms many records. "I'm sure that's what has driven us into the hills," says bassist-songwriter Jeff Tweedy, noting that Buck Owens and Merle Haggard are more likely to be blaring from the band's stereos. "Things like old country and folk music, as far back as the '30s, and early '60s soul music sound so much fresher and alive."

The Illinois trio, has just released its fourth album "Anodyne" (Sire), a bristling merger of punk energy and country influences. Wednesday, with a couple of extra countrified players, they head a "Born to Choose" benefit at the Paradise that also features Blood Oranges and Sebadoh's Lou Barlow.

The benefit was organized by Salem-based Rykodisc Records in conjunction with a 12-song "Born to Choose" CD that includes tracks by REM, Tom Waits, Pavement, Cowboy Junkies and others. All proceeds from the concert and CD go to women's health and abortion rights organizations.

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