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This is not a comprehensive list of articles about Uncle Tupelo, but these are the ones I think are the most interesting

Uncle Tupelo No Longer Primitive By Steve Pick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 28, 1988

The Men From Uncle By Richard Byrne Jr., St. Louis Riverfront Times, 1989 (via the Gumbopages)

Uncle Tupelo Rates the Beers By Joyce Pietz (publisher unknown)

Uncle Tupelo Taking Giant Step By Diane Toroian, The Sun, November 1989 (note that Giant Records turned into Rockville Records)

Uncle Tupelo: From Belleville to Rockville By Steve Pick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 5, 1990

NEW Uncle Tupelo Makes Name For Itself As A Band To Watch By Michael Corcoran, Chicago Sun-Times, January 11, 1991

NEW Uncle Tupelo Offers Varying Takes on Small-town Life By Peter Blackstock, The Austin American-Statesman, January 23, 1991

Favorite Uncle: Rising Star Uncle Tupelo Makes Even Enormous Richard Feel Inadequate By Chris King, St. Louis Riverfront Times, June 5-11, 1991

The Mothers Tupelo: How to Raise a Rock Band (without really trying) By Jim Dissett, Belleville News-Democrat, May 10, 1992

Unplugging Uncle Tupelo New, Acoustic Album Stresses Songwriting More Than Sound By Daniel Durchholz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Aug 16, 1992

The Men From Uncle - Belleville's Uncle Tupelo Goes Buck Naked By Thomas Crone, St. Louis Riverfront Times, Aug 26-Sept 1, 1992

NEW Tupelo Cuts Its Shocked Tour Short By Eric Puls, Chicago Sun-Times, November 6, 1992

Uncle Tupelo Goes Back to the Country By Daniel Durchholz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 3, 1993

Are You Ready for the Country? By Daniel Durchholz, Request magazine, November 1993 (via the Gumbopages)

Heart of the Country by By Jason Fine, Option Magazine, Nov/Dec 1993 (via the Gumbopages)

Uncle Tupelo By Jennifer Gleach, photos by Dawn Radke Snipehunt, 1993

NEW Uncle Tupelo Mines Rock's Country Vein By Parry Gettelman, The Orlando Sentinel, February 4, 1994

Tupelo Alternative to Rock's Alternative By Parry Gettelman, Times Union (Albany, NY), February 23, 1994

NEW Mix Of Punk And Country? Say Uncle By Ed Masley, Pittsburg Post-Gazette, February 27, 1994

Life's All Right; Uncle Tupelo Kicks Back, Adds Acoustic Touch and Sings Great Songs By Bill Eichenberger, Columbus Dispatch, March 1, 1994

The Last Uncle Tupelo Interview, Ever! By Jim Saah and Sohrab Habibion, Introduction by Marc Attenburg, UNOMAS Magazine, 1994

Just Say Uncle By John Schacht, Swizzle, April 2, 2002

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