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Uncle Tupelo Live Performances, 1990

NOTE: Information on live recordings is included for informational purposes only. Please do not write to inquire about availability of these recordings.

Early '90 - Holmes Lounge, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
With Nukes and Sinister Dane

03/13/90 - Off Broadway, St. Louis

03/??/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
Known from a picture in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It appears that the picture of the band on inside cover of No Depression was taken from this show as well.

03/??/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
Before I Break (beginning cut)/ Screen Door/ Life Worth Livin'/ Gloria/ Graveyard Shift/ Maggie's Farm/ Sin City/ I Got Drunk/ Cocaine Blues/ Gimme Gimme Gimme (cut)/ Wasn't Born to Follow (cut)/ There Was A Time/ Flatness/ Whiskey Bottle/ Do Re Mi

Soundboard recording. UT played two acoustic sets to a sparse crowd, with an open-mike set in between. The tape is of the first set. Local barfly Freddie Friction sat in on spoons for some of the set. This show has previously been listed as "Songwriter's Night, '89 or '90."

03/31/90 - The Gallery, Normal, IL
Opening for the Something Brothers.

05/19/90 - KCOU, Columbia, MO
True to Life/ Watch Me Fall/ Sin City/ Whiskey Bottle

FM broadcast, Acoustic performance and interview

05/28/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
Before I Break (end)/ Graveyard Shift/ Sin City/ Wasn't Born To Follow/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ True To Life/ In The Street/ Song To Woody/ I Got Drunk (cut)

Partial soundboard recording.

Billed as an acoustic set, and the existing tape is all acoustic, but several attendees remember that they plugged in for much of the night. Contains the only known performance of Bob Dylan's "Song to Woody." Brian Henneman also played a few songs solo (no tape of his set has circulated), and it was at this show that he announced that Chicken Truck had broken up.

06/21/90 - KWUR, St. Louis, MO
Screen Door/ So Called Friend (from LP)/ True to Life/ Life Worth Livin' (LP)/ Sin City/ Outdone (LP)

FM broadcast

06/21/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
The first night of two-night stand marking the release of "No Depression." Opening band was the Hilltops, featuring John Stirrat, later of the expanded Uncle Tupelo line-up and Wilco, and Cary Hudson, later of Blue Mountain. They played as a trio that night because Laurie Stirrat (also later of Blue Mountain) was sick. Rockville Records reportedly offered The Hilltops a record contract after this show.

06/22/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
Second night of the record release party for "No Depression." Opening band was The Something Bros.

07/07/90 - Antenna Club, Memphis, TN

07/09/90 - The Point, Atlanta, GA

07/10/90 - 40 Watt, Athens, GA

07/11/90 - Old Post Office, Hilton Head, SC

07/12/90 - Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC

07/13/90 - The Library, Richmond, VA

07/14/90 - Charlottesville, VA

07/16/90 - Kyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA
Opened for Teenage Fanclub, whose band history on their website describes them "playing in the window of an empty bar in Philadelphia with Uncle Tupelo."

(Thanks to Richard Brazier for the scan)

07/17/90 - CBGB's, New York, NY

07/18/90 - NPR "Heat", New Music Seminar report
Atomic Power/ Whiskey Bottle/ Screen Door/ I Got Drunk (intro)/ Graveyard Shift/ Life Worth Livin'

FM broadcast, acoustic performance and interview

07/19/90 - Soho Natural taping (Roger Manning's show), New York, NY

07/20/90 - Pearl Street, Amherst, MA

07/21/90 - TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA
Atomic Power/ Postcard/ Train/ Outdone/ Sauget Wind/ Flatness/ True to Life/ D. Boon/ Life Worth Livin'/ Before I Break/ Watch Me Fall/ Whiskey Bottle/ Graveyard Shift/ Factory Belt

Poor quality audience recording.

07/23/90 - The Haunt, Ithaca, NY

07/25/90 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
Opened for the Dead Milkmen

07/26/90 - Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ

07/27/90 - The Chase, NY, NY
With The Bluerunners, Diet Tribes, and Medicine Hat

07/29/90 - WFMU, E. Orange, NJ
Screen Door/ There Was A Time/ True To Life/ Watch Me Fall/ Life Worth Livin'/ Flatness/ Whiskey Bottle/ No Depression/ Factory Belt/ Sin City/ Atomic Power

FM broadcast. Great acoustic performance, as well as an awful interview. Source for the acoustic version of "Looking For a Way Out" on the "Sauget Wind" 7-inch and Anthology, as well as the acoustic "Whiskey Bottle" on the reissue of No Depression.

08/02/90 - Middle East, Cambridge, MA

08/15/90 - Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO
Before I Break/ Atomic Power/ Postcard/ Nothing/ True to Life/ Flatness/ There Was A Time/ D.Boon/ Outdone/ Whiskey Bottle/ Watch Me Fall/ Cocaine Blues/ Graveyard Shift/ Faraway Eyes/ Factory Belt/ I Drink Stag (w/ Brian Henneman)

Soundboard recording. Benefit show for Gary Morris. Also on the bill was Chicken Truck, who had disbanded earlier in the year but got back together for a "reunion/farewell" set that was broadcast on KDHX in St. Louis. Uncle Tupelo's set was not broadcast.

08/24/90 - Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO

09/07/90 - Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Atomic Power (beginning cut)/ I Got Drunk/ Train/ True To Life/ Postcard/ Otherside/ Outdone/ That Year/ Life Worth Livin'/ Watch Me Fall/ Cinnamon Girl/ No Depression/ Nothing/ Graveyard Shift/ Sin City/ Screen Door/ Whiskey Bottle/ Factory Belt/ No Matter What/ Knockin' On Heaven's Door/ There Was A Time/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ Streets of Bakersfield/ Good Times

Audience recording.

09/10/90 - Maintenance Shop, Ames, IA

09/20/90 - Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
Screen Door/ True to Life/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ Factory Belt/ Sin City/ Graveyard Shift

Audience recording, acoustic performance

09/20/90 - Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX
Texas Instruments and Balloonatic opened.

10/08/90 - Jakes, Bloomington, IN
Punch Drunk/ Atomic Power/ Nothing/ True to Life/ Postcard/ Flatness/ There Was A Time/ Before I Break/ That Year/ No Depression/ D.Boon/ Life Worth Livin'/ Watch Me Fall/ t-shirt song/ Graveyard Shift/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ Factory Belt/ Sin City

Audience recording

10/13/90 - Reckless Records, Chicago, IL
In-store show. There was probably a club show that night, most likely at Lounge Ax.

10/??/90 - CBGB's, New York, NY
Opened for Buffalo Tom as part of the CMJ conference.

10/31/90 - The Point, Atlanta, GA
With Insane Jane.

11/??/90 - Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC
Punch Drunk (end cut)/ Nothing (beginning cut)/ True To Life/ Postcard/ Flatness/ Life Worth Livin'/ Before I Break/ That Year/ Outdone/ No Depression/ Sin City (beginning cut)/ Screen Door/ D.Boon/ Wasn't Born to Follow/ Little Guitars/ Watch Me Fall/ Graveyard Shift/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ Sweet Jane (intro only)/ t-shirt song/ Whiskey Bottle/ Factory Belt(cut)/ Down By The River/ Orange Blossom Special

Soundboard recording, unfortunately several songs are incomplete on the tape. Great performance.

11/16/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO

11/17/90 - Cicero's Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO
Punch Drunk/ Watch Me Fall/ Postcard/ Gun/ Looking For A Way Out/ Flatness/ Outdone/ Little Guitars/ Wasn't Born to Follow/ Sauget Wind/ D. Boon/ Life Worth Livin'/ Nothing/ Discarded/ That Year/ Atomic Power/ In the Street/ True to Life/ Train/ Fortunate Son/ Willin'/ Livin' After Midnight/ t-shirt song/ Yer Blues/ Band on the Run/ Before I Break/ Streets of Bakersfield/ Chimes of Freedom/ Cortez the Killer (very end only)/ Graveyard Shift/ Cocaine Blues

Audience recording. Great set with lots of off-the-cuff covers. This was their last headlining show at Cicero's as Uncle Tupelo.

11/29/90 - KCOU, Columbia, MO
I've Been Working on the Railroad (instrumental, Mike Heidorn on lead guitar)/ John Hardy/ Long Black Veil/ Dead Flowers/ So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star/ Ripple/ Looking for a Love/ Take it Easy/ Screen Door/ Sugar Mountain (vocals by Mike Heidorn)

FM broadcast. The band, along with Brian Henneman (aka Crisco Austin), plays call-in requests from listeners.

11/29/90 - Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Life Worth Livin'/ Punch Drunk/ Watch Me Fall/ Postcard/ Gun/ Discarded/ Flatness/ Outdone/ Sauget Wind/ Train/ Wasn't Born to Follow/ Atomic Power/ Nothing/ Before I Break/ That Year/ Country Home/ True to Life/ D.Boon/ I've Been Working On the Railroad/ Factory Belt/ ?/ Do Re Mi/ Freak Scene/ Whiskey Bottle/ No Depression/ No Matter What/ I Got Drunk/ Graveyard Shift/ Cortez The Killer (w/ Brian Henneman, cut)

Excellent soundboard recording of a great performance. Tragically, the tape ends during the first verse of "Cortez the Killer."

12/09/90 - Uptown, Minneapolis, MN
Opened for the Jayhawks.

late '90(?) - WJUL, Boston, MA
Postcard (beginning cut)/ Flatness/ True To Life/ D.Boon/ Graveyard Shift/ Life Worth Livin'/ That Year/ Outdone/ Whiskey Bottle/ Before I Break/ Nothing/ Factory Belt/ interview

Soundboard recording. Full-band electric performance, live in the studio

late '90 - Steb's, Cedar Falls, IA

1990 - New York, NY
Mike Heidorn mentioned in an article in the Belleville News-Democrat in early 1991 that they played in NYC nine times in 1990.

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