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Official websites

Uncle Tupelo Store: The official place to buy Uncle Tupelo CDs, t-shirts, and posters.

Official Uncle Tupelo site: Contains very little information.
Legacy Recordings: their site for the reissues of the first three albums.
Legacy Recordings: their site for the Anthology collection
Rhino Records: their site for the Anodyne reissue. This site includes the rarely seen videos for "Chickamauga" and "The Long Cut."

Official Wilco site: includes tour dates, downloads, and lots of other stuff.
Nonesuch Records site: includes their page on Wilco
Wilco: Learning to Die: The first comprehensive book about Wilco, with lots of information about Uncle Tupelo.

Official Jay Farrar site: includes tour dates, downloads, and the official lyrics to all of his songs.
Official Son Volt site
Warner Brothers Son Volt site: Very outdated

Email lists / Discussion groups

Postcard mailing list: The original Uncle Tupelo email list, started in 1992
Wilco message board: Yahoo email group and message board

Fan websites

Gumbopages: Chuck Taggart's sprawling site contains the oldest existing fan websites for these bands, with separate pages for Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, and Son Volt. Includes guitar tabs/chords for almost all the songs, plus lots of articles and links. Be sure to poke around the rest of the Gumbopages as well, especially the essential Creole & Cajun recipe pages.

Justafan.org: Wilco fans unite to raise money for Doctors Without Borders
Via Chicago: Fan site with news, active message boards, and a trading club for live recordings
A Sea Black with Ink: the Wilco lyrics archive with lyrics to all known Wilco songs, released or unreleased
WilcoBase: searchable database with setlists from Wilco and Jeff Tweedy shows
Wilco article archive: lots of articles from over the years

Hometown, The Sametown Blues: a tribute to "No Depression" bands including Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and Wilco

Other web resources

Uncle Tupelo in All Music Guide
Uncle Tupelo at VH1.com
Uncle Tupelo on iq451.com: lots of reviews

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