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Sideprojects / Associated Musicians

Brian Henneman: leader of the Bottle Rockets, ex-Tupelo sideman / guitar tech.
Coffee Creek: Uncle Tupelo and Brian Henneman's alter ego / country cover band
Chris Bess: former member of Enormous Richard and Southern Culture on the Skids, Chris played on Still Feel Gone and often joined UT live on accordion

Jay Bennett: Long-time member of Wilco, now recording and touring as a solo act and with Ed Burch
Golden Smog: "supergroup" that included Jeff Tweedy, Gary Louris, Dan Murphy, and others. Read more about them here.
Billy Bragg: Wilco's partner for the Mermaid Avenue albums
Loose Fur: Jeff Tweedy's collaboration with Jim O'Rourke and Glenn Kotche
Autumn Defense: featuring John Stirratt
Nels Cline: Legendary guitarist who began touring with Wilco in 2004

Mark Spencer and the Blood Oranges: The Blood Oranges played many shows with UT, and Mark has toured extensively with Jay Farrar since 2000
Canyon: 5-piece rock band that toured as Jay's backing band in 2003

Band newsletters

Fall, 1992: page 1, page 2
October 1993

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