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March 28, 2008: Some additional shows and graphics added to the live performance pages, thanks to Richard Brazier, Jill Osgood, and Sidney Koch. I also added links from the Live Performances pages to video clips on Youtube, which are up courtesy of Chris Constance.

May 18, 2007: Made some minor changes to the show pages, thanks to Richard Brazier, Steve Brothers, Chris Constance, and Tom Holter for sending in information. Note the new information about the Dust Bowl Club on KDHX High Anxiety, 9/15/91.

April 2, 2007: Added pictures from Backstage, Seattle, WA (thanks Corey). Also a few new shows added and corrections made to the Show pages, as well as a few other updates. Thanks to Paul, Sean O'Brien, Tim Brandt, David Gebhart, and Jeff Pfannenstiel for sending in information.

November 10, 2006: A few updates to the Show pages (a highlight is a flier of UT's first show under the name Uncle Tupelo, 6/30/87), as well as a few other updates. Also note that there is now an official Uncle Tupelo Store where you can order CDs, t-shirts, and posters. Thanks to Jesse Hamm, Norrie McCulloch, and John Grass for sending information.

August 16, 2006: I've added a bunch of articles, some are linked from the articles page and others (mainly show previews and reviews) are linked from the Show pages. Also a number of new shows added to all the Show pages. Huge thanks to Oliver Beige for sending a huge file of newspaper articles. Also thanks to Mike Noth, Dick Cummings, Terry, and Shayne Stacy for additional information.

June 17, 2006: Quite a few additional items / graphics added throughout the Live Performance pages, including the full setlist for Mississippi Nights, 4/23/92 (Thanks to Steve Brothers and Matt Johnson). Did some updates to the Live Covers page.

April 20, 2006: Added a few articles to the articles page. I also added quite a few smaller articles, mainly from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, that are either included in or linked from the Live Performance pages. Thanks again to Oliver Beige for finding these.

April 17, 2006: Sorry for the long break. I live in New Orleans, so between Hurricane Katrina and other life stressors this web site has taken a back seat.

If you tried to contact me over the past couple of months and got an error on the email form, please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lots of things to add, I started with a bunch of updates to the Live Performance pages. Too many changes to mention, highlights are setlists/information on recently surfaced recordings of St. Louis 4/24/91 and 12/18/92, and the complete setlist for Coffee Creek, 7/30/93 (big thanks to Oliver Beige, thanks also to Joe Kinder, Justin St. Clair, Dave Sommerness, and others who have written with updates. Extra special thanks to Garry Morris).

May 10, 2005: Added scans for Chicago 10/15/93 and Chicago 3/24/94 to the Live Performances pages (thanks to Shirish Huprikar).

April 19, 2005: A few updates to the Live Performances pages, added complete setlist for 11/19/92 Odense (thanks to Chad) and added 4/27/94 Des Moines (thanks to Larry Slavens).

April 11, 2005: Added a few pictures from Newcastle, England, March 27, 1993 (thanks to Rob Strong).

March 29, 2005: Added setlists for lots of shows from 1993 and 1994 (thanks to Shayne Stacy for helping with this), added entries and some scans for Memphis 2/4/94 and Oxford 4/8/94 (thanks to Blaine Loyd), added a flier for 3/6/93 (thanks to Richard Brazier), added an interesting preview of the Maxwell's 12/10/93 show from the NY Times (thanks to Justin), made minor corrections and additions throughout the site (thanks to all of you who wrote in).

February 1, 2005: Added lots of information about Uncle Tupelo's tour of the UK in March, 1993 to the Live Performance, 1993 page (thanks to Rob Strong).

January 3, 2005: Added setlists for 12/6/92, 9/5/93, and 4/22/94 to the Live Performances pages (thanks to PD Larson).

December 8, 2004: Added a few pictures from Oslo, July 8, 1993 (thanks to Jonathon Gibbons), as well as scans for a few ticket stubs and fliers (thanks to Mark Janovec and Richard Brazier).

October 12, 2004: Added listings for 12/18/92 and 4/3/93, as well as scans of tickets and fliers for several shows, to live performance pages (thanks to Aaron Stoker). Show fliers in the live performance pages are now thumbnails, you can click on them to see a larger image.

September 26, 2004: Small additions to the live performance pages, adding 8/21/88 Columbia, MO and 2/25/93 UCLA.

August 31, 2004: Corrections/additions made to the 1993 performance live page (thanks to Thomas Willer, James Ashley, Jonathon Gibbons, and Matthew Vande), other small corrections throughout the site.

August 21, 2004: Added pictures from Stoney's Posthouse Tavern, State College, PA, February, 1994 (thanks to Dean Taormina). Also a few additions to the 1993 and 1994 live performance pages.

August 3, 2004: Added a few setlists to the 1993 and 1994 live performance pages(thanks to Mark Woodworth and Thomas Willer).

July 10, 2004: Added pictures from London, Oct 28, 1993 (thanks to Simon Dennis and Mick Spencer). Also a few scattered additions to the live performance pages.

July 7, 2004: Some updates to the live performances pages, thanks to Chris Constance for sharing information on shows from the very early days. Also added the official lyrics to "Left in the Dark," thanks to Ken Draznik for sending them.

June 21, 2004: Added a few more articles.

June 12, 2004: A few gigs added to the Live Performances 1991 and 1992 pages (thanks to Mark Janovec and John Kelly).

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