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Big thanks first to David Dewey, list admin for the Postcard email list, for hosting and supporting this site.

Big thanks also to Eric Labow for designing these pages. (Note to other web designers: I asked Eric to develop very simple templates so that I could build and maintain this site myself, so please don't judge his abilities by what you see here).

Some of the information contained here originated in the list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Postcard email list that was put together in 1996. I'd like to extend my continued thanks to the following people who helped in that effort:

Matthew Benz Tim Clauss Rick Cornell David Dewey
Steve Gardner Amy Haugesag Paul Hilcoff Sakiko Honma
Barry Kelley Steve Kelley Tom Krueger Eric Labow
Margaret Lang Laura Levy Tim McGinnis Brian Poole
Jake Roberts Chise Soeno Shayne Stacy Chuck Taggart
Stacey Taylor Jim Utz Jud Warren Marcus Winfree  

I'd also like to thank Tony Margherita and Bob Andrews for taking the time to review that document and offer corrections.

This site is dedicated to the Taters

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